Goodman consulting associates, Inc. (GCA) was established in 1989 to help nonprofits fulfill their mission effectively. We understand that the impact of many important programs depends on an organization’s ability to function successfully.

We also work closely with funders and donors to help leverage their investments in the nonprofit sector by improving the value of their grantmaking and the operations of the agencies they support.

GCA assists donors by:

  • identifying organization that might be of interest based on the mission of the funder
  • organizing the grantmaking processes to maximize efficiency and adherence to the funding mission
  • monitoring the progress of the agency
  • assisting grantees with presentations and reporting requirements
  • organizing visits to agencies under consideration for funding
  • arranging meetings and tours in Israel and gathering data / research prior to visits

GCA helps nonprofit agencies to achieve their objectives by:

  • improving program development and implementation
  • working with boards to improve their composition, participation and group dynamics
  • teaching conflict resolution skills to board members and staff
  • helping them improve their message and communication with potential donors
  • connecting them with similar NPOs in the same field for mentoring and coaching

GCA provides a unique service to Israeli NPOs and those American funders seeking to fund them.

Working with consultants in the United States and Israel, these nonprofit organizations have the benefit of enhancing their outreach to American donors through the guidance of an American consultant while also being provided with help and oversight from an Israeli consultant who is knowledgeable about the needs of Israeli agencies. We work as coaches for Executive Directors of NPOs visiting the United States and Canada, making them aware of cultural differences and giving them an overview of the nonprofit landscape.